We are Passionate about Creating Safer Drivers

For the young & the old and everyone in between, our Accident Avoidance course simulates real life road hazards and teaches students how to safely get out of bad situations.

Accident Avoidance Training ($250 / driver)

Putting your teenager out on the road is a daunting task, and we understand that you want them to be as prepared as possible before they hit the road alone. Here at Harris Hill Road we have developed a program to teach teenaged and young adult drivers how to stay safe and avoid common accidents on the road.

Most teenagers are taught the basics of traffic law, and that the gas pedal means go and the brake means stop, but few are given the opportunity to practice maneuvers that could save them from accidents on the street. Through a two hour series of in car exercises and classroom sessions, we empower them with the skills necessary to control the car in dangerous situations. If they have already been involved in a wreck, we will address what went wrong and if and how it could have been avoided. Many parents have come to us after their child has been in a fender bender and told us that they wished they had just come to us first.

After the program, they will be safer, more aware drivers, and the best part is that they will have fun doing it.

We also would like to invite you to bring multiple students out at a time. We would be happy to work with groups. With each extra student we may need to lengthen the time of the session, so that we can make sure that each student has plenty of individual instruction. Group discounts may also be available. Contact us to see how we can accommodate your group.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an Accident Avoidance School, please give us a call or send us an email.

If you are interested, please call
512-667-6250 to schedule a session.
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