Safe, Fun, and Affordable Track Experience

Join H2R to master your car control, driving, and race craft at our safe yet challenging race track.

Sports Car Membership

Harris Hill Raceway (H2R) is much more than just a race track, it is a social club for the passionate about life, friendship, speed, and motorsports. In addition to providing a safe venue to satisfy your need for speed, it offers other benefits making your membership a valuable and worthy investment. These include:

  • Unlimited fun for the entire family
  • A social club where you meet and make awesome friends who share your passion
  • A beautiful place to relax and unwind, minutes from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio
  • Grassroots and affordable auto racing with your friends and family
  • Track aminities for your convenience
  • Reciprocal memberships with Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson and MSR Houston
  • Test-n-Tune facility for your car and motorcycle
  • Track time to practice your race-craft without interruption

Membership at H2R also includes incentives and access to special events for H2R members, such as our affordable H2R Challenge, wheel to wheel racing series, and, of course, members have access to the clubhouse and its amenities at any time during business hours on member days.

Got the time, tires, gas, and brake pads? You can run all day if you like. No Session Fees!

H2R offers three membership options. To become an H2R member, drivers pay a one-time $3,000 non-refundable membership initiation fee. Monthly dues of $300 allow members unlimited track access on member days all year long. That's it. No session fees. H2R's three membership options are:


One Time Membership Fee

$3000 Monthly Dues $300 join h2r


One Time Membership Fee

$3000 / first member $500 / additional member

Monthly Dues

$300 / first member $150 / each additional member up to 4 family members join h2r


One Time Membership Fee

$3000 / first member $1000 / additional member

Monthly Dues

$300 / each member up to 5 employees / coworkers join h2r
  • All fees are subject to 8.25% sales tax.
  • If you need to tighten your cash flow a little, we can set up a 10-month interest free payment plan on the membership initiation fee. The longer plan brings your complete membership cost under $500 per month for that time period.