H2R Challenge Racing Series
H2R Challenge Racing Series H2R Challenge Racing Series H2R Challenge Racing Series H2R Challenge Racing Series H2R Challenge Racing Series H2R Challenge Racing Series

Affordable Wheel to Wheel Racing

The H2R Challenge is a very grassroots road racing adventure born from the desire of a number of Harris Hill Raceway members wanting to have a regular wheel to wheel racing venue at their local track. While all of the H2R motor sports activities we enjoy are great, this will give us the opportunity to add one more dimension to the fun that is H2R.

This is a wheel to wheel racing series to members of Harris Hill Raceway , powered by Mazda. The races feature two spec prepared classes of cars that are model specific. The goal of the Challenge is to create racecars that are affordable to own and maintain and to focus on driving skill rather than horse power.

The H2R Challenge is a series of sprint races and will consist of one race event per month. At some point during the season a longer distance enduro is very likely. Series points will accumulate for the drivers during the 8 month season (February through November - no races in July and August). A series winner for the year will be determined following the November event. Race events will be two 45 minute sprint races (one clockwise and one counterclockwise).

Starting position for the first sprint race will be determined by a drawing. The method for determine the starting position for the second race may vary.

Rules, rules enforcement, driving etiquette and race/series administration will be handled by Harris Hill staff and member volunteers.

Races classes

The intent is that race classes will match very similar cars (same make and model) such that race competition will be close, exciting and fun for participants. Multiple classes may run in a single race if the race committee feels the on track interaction between the classes will improve the overall event. Additional classes may be added, subject to the approval of Harris Hill Raceway.

H2R Challenge Racing Series

Point System

Position Points:
Position points will only be awarded for finishing positions in class (Spec 914 or Miata). Racers who finish 1st in class will earn 10 points, 2nd 7 points, 3rd 5 points, 4th 4 points, 5th 3 points, 6th 2 points and 7th 1 point. To earn position points, racers must run at least one race lap. Points will be awarded in class for enduros in the same way as in sprint races. If two or more drivers share a car during an enduro, the total points earned by that car will be split equally among the drivers who drove it in that race.

Bonus Points:
A racer will earn 1 bonus point for each car in class that finishes the race behind the car driven by that racer. Bonus points will be earned by all cars finishing the race except the car that finishes last in the class. Cars that do not finish the race (DNF) or are disqualified (DQed) do not count as cars beaten in the class. There will be a 10 point limit on bonus points available in any race. For example: The car that finishes 21st in a 22 car field where all 22 cars finish will earn 1 bonus point. In that same race the car that finishes first will earn 10 bonus points.

Event Points:
Each racer will earn 5 points for each event attended where the racer starts at least one scheduled race. To qualify as a starter, the racer must have passed the starter stand on the track after the green flag has been displayed to start the race. A late start after the field has started will count as a start if the racer passes the starter stand on the track. There will be a maximum of 25 points available for each year in this category.

Championship Totals:
The best 10 race points totals for each racer in all points scoring races for the year will count toward the H2R Championship. Each monthly event will have 2 races thus 16 races for the year. Ties for the first three positions will be broken by the highest total in the 9th race, then 11th race, then the 13th race, etc.

H2R Challenge Racing Series

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