High Performance Drivers Education

A full day of excitement & intensive instruction! Push yourself to new personal limits on Harris Hill Raceway’s 1.8-mile technical track.

HPDE Events with the Longhorn Racing Academy

HPDE events offer instruction on a group level, as opposed to private coaching sessions. Auto-enthusiasts are divided into groups according to level of experience. Drivers are paired with individual instructors who work in the classroom and in-car to further each student's performance and skill on track.

Harris Hill Raceway has partnered with the Longhorn Racing Academy, a high-performance driving school, to offer this training to those looking improve their skills behind the wheel.

HPDE events are a wonderful way to become more familiar with your personal car, explore track-driving as a hobby, or to improve ability and car control for more advanced Track Days.

Please consult The Longhorn Racing Academy’s website for dates and registration info.