A Test of Patience and Strategy

Bring any car you want and see if you can manage your tank and bladder for a 3+ hour endurance "race."

H2R One-Tank Enduro

Quite simply, this is not a race in the conventional sense. The one tank, three-hour enduro is an exercise in the judicious use of your right foot. It may be an absolute bore for spectators, but it really tests your patience and throttle application. You get one tank of gas to see how many laps you can complete in a three-hour period. It's not about speed or horsepower; it's about conserving your fuel.

Folks in the past have done the R 'n' D, collected data and made calculations for all kinds of strategies. Some approaches have led to success and some have led to abject failure. If you can hold your water, you can run this event solo (saving time on a driver change) or you can team up with another driver to try and finish the "race" under your own power.

The last bit of the event is where the real fun begins… when miscalculations result in cars sputtering to a sad demise, pulling off track toward the end of the time limit outta gas. Miatas, Ferraris, Audi R8s, Boss 302s (you name it) have all won this event, but your strategy and calculations have to be spot on. Oh… and we add a wildcard way of adding time to the three hour time frame… and, ah… we don’t let the contenders know what amount of time has been added to the three hour challenge. We roll the dice on the added time and you get to roll the dice on how confident you are with what you’ve got left in the tank.

The one-tank enduro is a hoot!

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