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Put on your game face and see if you can beat the clock or one of your previous hot laps.

H2R Timetrials

Harris Hill Raceway hosts a six-event timetrial series between February and December.

The idea is to have fun and give people an opportunity to work on their driving skills during the course of the year. If you are not up for door-to-door, wheel-to-wheel racing, this is a way to unleash your competitive spirit in a safe and controlled environment.

The format will consist of as many runs a driver can make during the course of the allotted time period. Every consecutive event will be run in the opposite direction. Three cars will be allowed on track at a time, comfortably spaced for safety. The out lap will serve as the warm-up lap, followed by 3 hot laps and concluded with a cool-down lap. Timing will be done by our GPS based AiM Solos.

With that in mind, one can compete with oneself and/or compete against other drivers in a friendly, "bragging rights" atmosphere.

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