Easy to Learn and Challenging to Master

Harris Hill Raceway is a technical race track designed to be fun, safe and educational.

About Harris Hill Raceway

Harris Hill Raceway (H2R), designed by track designer David Donovan, is located in the hills of northeastern San Marcos, Texas. The course is easily accessible, sitting approximately three miles east of IH-35, approximately 2 miles west of Texas Highway 21, and a little over 2.5 miles from the San Marcos airport. We're right in your backyard; just 26 miles from downtown Austin and about 55 miles from downtown San Antonio.

The track is a 1.82-mile, 11-turn asphalt road course. The course is 36-feet wide with over 150 feet of elevation changes and a challenging mix of on and off-camber turns, including the 80-foot rise and drop of Santa Rita, Turn 4, (named after the patron saint of the impossible task).

There is a little bit of everything included within the 11 turns including increasing radius turns, decreasing radius turns, positive camber, negative camber (and one turn that has both within the same turn!), one long sweeper, several blind corners, and an 80-foot rise-and-fall in one turn.

Other H2R activities are housed in a 6,000 square foot clubhouse overlooking 150 acres of rolling hills with a panoramic view of the track. The clubhouse is well-appointed, offering a comfortable environment where members can relax between sessions. We offer a laid-back, friendly atmosphere whether you're a pro racer or a weekend warrior (and you'll find a little of both in our existing membership), and a place where you can make new friends or run into old ones.

If you're interested in a tour of the track, or an introductory Mini School, please contact us. You'll start having fun immediately on your first time out at Harris Hill Raceway.

Interested? Please call
512-667-6250 to setup a tour of our facility.
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Even seasoned veterans are still analyzing the best way to attack some of H2R's challenging turns.