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To become an H2R member, drivers pay a one-time $2500 non-refundable membership initiation fee.

Monthly dues of $200 allow members unlimited track access on member days all year long. That's it. No session fees. Oh… and if you need to tighten your cash flow a little, we can set up a ten month interest free payment plan on the membership initiation fee. The longer plan brings your complete membership cost under $300.00 per month for that time period. If you've got the gas, brake pads, tires and time, you can run all day if you like. Racers love coming here because they can test & tune, setup their cars and motorcycles and practice their race-craft without being interrupted.

Membership at H2R also includes incentives and access to special events for H2R members only, such as our affordable H2R Challenge wheel to wheel racing series, and, of course, members have access to the clubhouse and its amenities at any time during business hours on member days.

Family memberships are available at H2R for an additional fee. If one family member has a full membership, he or she can add up to three additional family members for $90 per month each. Additional family members can be added at a later time for $500 per member plus the $90.00 monthly due.

We also offer corporate memberships with a similar rate structure.

In addition, we have reciprocal memberships with Motor Sports Ranch in Cresson and MSR Houston.


  • One Time Membership Fee: $2,500.00
  • Monthly Dues: $200.00


This allows three additional family members to join without having to pay the initiation fee. Bring in additional family members at anytime for $500.00 per member.
  • One Time Membership Fee: $2,500.00
  • Initial Member Monthly Dues: $200.00
  • Each Additional Family Member Monthly Dues: $90.00


Add up to five coworkers, employees, etc. with no additional signup fee.
  • One Time Membership Fee: $2,500.00
  • Monthly Dues for all members: $200.00


  • One Time Membership Fee: $500.00
  • Monthly Dues: $150.00

All fees are subject to
8.25% sales tax

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Harris Hill Road Members

All fees are subject to
8.25% sales tax