H2R Challenge Racing Series

Designed to be safe, competitive, and affordable, the H2R Challenge Series offers our members the opportunity to race wheel-to-wheel at their home track. If door-to-door racing is your thing, you should check out our three classes, pick one that suits your style and come race with us.


Select one of our classes for rules, specs, schedules, and results.

Grassroots Racing
at its Best!

Born from members' desire for a local and affordable opportunity to go racing, the H2R Challenge Racing Series has grown tremendously over the years. As a member, you can join the fun without paying hefty entry fees and spending precious family time traveling to remote race tracks.

H2R Members can race with us in one of three car classes at 16 races per season. Our classes are based on relatively inexpensive cars to build and maintain. Whether wheel-to-wheel is old hat for you or your brand new to racing, the H2R Challenge Series can offer you affordable and fun racing right in your backyard!

Race days are also a great way to get your friends and family involved in the fun. They are welcome to spectate from the back porch or our outdoor viewing deck. And all racers and spectators are welcome to join us for a complimentary lunch at 11:30 between the morning and afternoon races.