Texas Motorcycle Academy

Texas Motorcycle Academy has officially teamed up with Harris Hill Raceway (H2R) to bring members an experience like no other. With your H2R motorcycle membership, you'll enjoy six-hour riding sessions with the freedom to experience the track at your own pace. One riding group means no waiting around. All six hours are yours!

Longhorn Racing Academy

Drive the supercar of your dreams with the Longhorn Racing Academy, based at Harris Hill Raceway. A day of high-performance fun at the racetrack is the perfect way to build teamwork, reward colleagues for a job well done, or even just spend the day with friends and family. We create a safe, exciting, and affordable event for your group of 4 or 100, and anything in between!

Marlene Van Sickle, CPA, PLLC

Does your CPA or tax preparer understand your passion for cars and racing? Does she race and also love cars? I've had clients in the automotive industry as long as I've been a CPA. My current client list includes racers and companies that sell performance parts and accessories for the racing industry. These clients like working with me because I understand the industry. I'm already considering what expenses they may have and what tax advantages are available. If your business is related to cars, racing or you'd like to see if you can gain tax advantages from racing, let's talk! Give me a call at 512-745-1395 or catch me at the track!